The Grow'n Cart - Food For Your Home


Grow'n Cart Vertical Hydroponic Tower

  • Grows 20 plants - that's 5 times the number grown in most counter top systems 
  • Saves up to $500/year on salad greens and herbs (based on 4 plantings/year)
  • Built in drip irrigation with programmable timer. Extremely energy efficient.  
  • Includes: pump, timer, individually removable plant pots, growing medium, pH Control Kit, TDS Meter, Aqua Flakes A & B nutrients, Drip Clean, and Rooting Plugs.
  • Enjoy the freshest produce year around!


  • Input voltage: AC100-240V/50Hz
  • Output: DC12V/3A
  • Work current: ≤1A
  • Drip head: pressure compensation constant flow, 2L/hr
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 23” wide x 7” deep x 46” tall

IF USING INDOORS we recommend purchasing a AgroLED Sun Grow Light set built to fit this tower system (see in our "SHOP" section)