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GreenEase Microgreen Kit


KIT CONTAINS: 10 Organic Certified Jute Pads, 3 BPA Free Durable 10x10 Trays for Staggered Growing and 3 Microgreen Seed Packs (Cabbage, Red Russian Kale & Mustard). A great way to enjoy fresh Microgreens at home!


On ALL orders - Contiguous U.S.

GreenEase Microgreen Starter Kit

  • NUTRIENTS: Microgreens pack 4 to 40% more nutrients than their fully matured counterparts and are best when harvested within 14 days!
  • ORGANIC – Grow Pads are made from 100% natural jute fibers that are OMRI certified for organic use.
  • MAXIMUM WATER ABSORPTION – Optimal water retention means less watering. Save more water with each use.
  • COMPOSTABLE- All natural organic material is completely compostable and minimizes environmental impact.
  • HARVEST SIMPLY WITH SCISSORS. You'll be enjoying the benefits of your own home grown micro greens in 10 to 15 days.