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Hydroponics is an innovative, eco-friendly way of growing the plants of your choice. Water usage is less than 10% of what is in soil-based farming. Liquid nutrients are most compatible with nature and beneficial for plant growth. Enjoy hydroponic farming at home or at your place of business with our quality products and kits.


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The Hydro 5 - growing at home made easy


Hydro-5 Vertical Hydroponic Growing Tower 5 growing levels hold 20 plants Timer sets watering frequencies Includes: pump, timer, individually removable plant pots, Hydroton growing medium, pH Control Kit, TDS Meter, Aqua Flakes A & B nutrients. Enjoy the freshest produce year around! Material: ABS+PP Color: white Smart sensor Built-in constant flow drip irrigation system Timer for watering 2.5-11 minutes at...

Rapid Rooter - 50 Rooting Plugs


Rapid Rooter 50 Plugs These soilless grow plugs are perfect for starting seedlings or cuttings.  The air-to-water ratio within the plug matrix promotes excellent root growth.  After seeds have grown for 8-10 days and roots appear on the outside of the plugs the plants can be transplant directly into soil or hydroponic applications. Ingredients: Sphagnum Peat Moss and Binder.  A product...

Super Sprouter Starter Tray Insert


Super Sprouter® 50 Cell Insert Tray This Square Plug patent pending design allows partial root pruning to strengthen the directed roots. Fits snugly into Super Sprouter® 10 x 20 inch propagation trays. This Root Star® insert is very durable at 2 mil thickness.  We recommend purchasing one of these with a Super Sprouter Propagation Kit. 

Super Sprouter Deluxe Propagation Kit


Super Sprouter® Deluxe Propagation Kit Super Sprouter® Deluxe Propagation Kit provides a complete system for starting your seeds or cuttings. The kit includes a Super Sprouter® 7 inch Ultra Clear Vented Dome with built-in light track channels, Super Sprouter® 18 in high output T5 fluorescent grow light designed for the channeled dome, Super Sprouter® Double Thick 10 x 20 in...