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AgroLED Sun Grow Lights


AgroLED lights are designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all indoor horticultural applications without fail or compromise. These are the very best LED lights we've found for hydroponic growing.


On ALL orders - Contiguous U.S.

AgroLED Sun™ LED Grow Lights & Support Stand

These energy-efficient LED fixtures deliver a full spectrum of light at 5500° K, making them ideal for early plant growth, propagation and hydroponic indoor gardening. AgroLED® Sun® LED strip lights feature a passively cooled, thermally stable design that translates into better performance and a longer life span for you and your plants. The included 5-foot power cord and on/off switch make operation easy.

Lumen output: 36 W 48" produces 4025 lumens.

Complete set includes two AgorLED Sun 48" lights, furniture grade PVC support stand, and instructions. Lights ship already mounted on the vertical PVC pieces.  Set up is very simple and easy.   Configured for use with the Grow'n Cart Vertical Tower.