Terra Tower (Commercial / Residential)




Utilizing Dutch engineering, we’ve developed a new tower system suitable for both commercial production and residential use.  Although not yet in production, having the ability to automatically rotate will maximize grow lighting efficiencies, production capacities, and labor utilization. Accompanying photos show the two individual systems and a sample layout. If interested in further information please contact us.

The Commercial Unit

Designed for the commercial farmer or operation that desires to grow food on a larger, high volume scale, the HydroPlenti saddle unit is designed to be utilized as part of a multi-tower system. Pods can be stacked according to desired height.

The Residential Unit

Designed for the urban farmer, restaurants or the gardening novice who simply wants to enjoy fresh, homegrown produce, the HydroPlenti stand-alone unit is one tower and base with pods that can be stacked according to desired height—two, three or even six pods high.