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SpongEase Bricks


3 Packs - each pack makes 10 quarts of excellent growing medium.


On ALL orders - Contiguous U.S.

SpongEase Growing Bricks

  • Now it's easy to grow like a pro - Just Add water- Expands to 10 qts of the Perfect Potting Soil
  • Organic and renewable coco coir growing medium/potting soil, great for starting seeds too
  • Reusable- Grow multiple plants from one bag with little loss of media
  • Compressed for convenience- complete with potting soil bag
  • Plants will love the neutral PH and Low salt content, Great aeration

CONVENIENCE: SpongEase is compressed and comes in its own pop up bag, making it easy to carry, expand and store. You can grow right in the bag provided or transfer the SpongEase potting soil to any other planter of your desire.

WATER ABSORPTION & RETAINING: Sponge-like properties of coconut fiber will absorb up to 10 times its weight in water. SpongEase fibers are unique microscopic tubes that fill then allow excess water to pass through. This creates air space, providing vital oxygen to plant roots. Increased oxygen and great drainage means less over watering problems.

PLEASE NOTE: SpongEase is an inert natural fiber containing minimal nutrients. For best results add nutrients.  The Coco Coir bricks may crack or break during shipment.  This is normal and in no way effects their use.

Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 4 inches